Catalogue of Apartments


Area Index

1 Hall 33,1 m2
2 Living room + kitchen corner 53,6 m2
3 Bedroom 16,4 m2
4 Bathroom 6,1 m2
5 Bedroom 14,4 m2
6 Bathroom 4,7 m2
7 Bedroom 11,8 m2
8 Bedroom 14,1 m2
9 Bathroom 6,2 m2
10 WC 1,9 m2
11 Pantry 4,1 m2
12 Cloakroom 2,7 m2
13 Utility room 1,1 m2
Usable living area 170,2 m2
Floor area of living space 181,2 m2
  Storage (No.202) 8,8 m2
Apartment area 190,0 m2
14 Balcony 19,9 m2
15 Loggia 3,4 m2
  Parking space 39, 40

Disclaimer: The areas of the rooms are for orientation purposes only. The furniture and kitchen furniture and appliances are not part of the apartment. The formatting of the floor surface is only a graphic symbol.

Premium Design of the Bathrooms

The bathrooms are designed in a high standard. Embedded washbasins under a washbasin board, designer items of furnishings, large-format tiles, functional layouts.

Balconies and Gardens

The balconies, enclosed balconies (loggias) and terraces are fitted with tropical wood decks. Gardens are – in the standard – grassed, with preparation for lighting and irrigation.

Large-Format French Windows

The large-format French windows at Churchill Residence will provide amazing panoramic views of Prague – and at the same time excellent isolation from the city noise and thermal differences in the exterior. The frames are aluminium and they are fitted with insulating triple glazing.

Prague at your doorstep

Go to the balcony and enjoy the unique proximity of the centre of Prague and the view of it. The balconies have an elevated sill with a stone facade and a sill board, followed by a safety glass and a stainless-steel handle.