Prague 2 – Vinohrady


Prague 2 – Vinohrady

Do you know the view of the Prague panorama from Rieger Park? Morning, noon, evening, spring, summer or winter, the ever-amazing Hradčany skyline with a new touch of colours and shades, creating a breathtaking atmosphere and bringing unforgettable visual feelings.

This impressive and romantic view of Prague Castle and the entire Old Town will be provided by the luxury apartments at Churchill Residence.

Rieger Park

Rieger Park is, with its 11 hectares, a green oasis of Vinohrady and the centre of Prague. It's an area where local people spend summer weekends with friends on a picnic, enjoying a beautiful view of the Prague skyline and a walk on the local promenade called "the Kilometre", while children play on the playground. The heart of sports activities lies in TJ Sokol Vinohrady, whose members are many local inhabitants and their children.

Local Shops

It's not just about sightseeing and walks to the centre; secrets are hidden in everyday details. Maybe to buy pastry at the local baker´s or to make someone happy with fresh flowers, take a morning espresso and croissant, ignore mass shopping centres and enjoy local experiences: Vinohradský Pavilon and Stockist with an amazing concept of interior design, Mario Wild and its unforgettable floral decorations, Barber Shop with a cigar and whiskey (for men and their stylish image), beauty parlours for ladies, the great Antonin's bakery. To put it simply: Vinohrady.

Beer with Friends

The best beer is wherever it is Czech. But maybe we can agree that especially there where they have a perfectly treated Pilsen beer on the tap and where you can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere. These are the places we love to visit. In Vinohrady and in the centre, or "around the corner" in Karlín or Žižkov, there are a lot of pubs with an atmosphere and great Czech cuisine. A traditional Czech pub is part of our culture, it is nice to go out to have beer with friends... and it is even better to have it mere 10 minutes on foot to reach your home whenever you consider it appropriate.

Walks in neighborhood

Walks in two, with a family, or an everyday morning routine with a pet. Vinohrady is a beautiful residential location with a friendly atmosphere and people who are proud to live in Vinohrady – and who also show respect to this neighbourhood and to its inhabitants. Become a proud citizen of Prague 2 and discover your surroundings ... on foot and in any season of the year.