24/7 services and safety


Reception and communal areas

The entrance floor has a generous representative lobby with a reception desk with 24/7/365 service. The two southeast entrances have these common areas, the northwest entrance A is solved separately. The house is divided into three sections with separate staircases and lifts. On typical floors there are a maximum of four entrances to the corridor, with only two to three entrances on the upper floors. Security is ensured by access control by card and bluetooth readers in combination with locking locks and by a CCTV system monitoring the perimeter of the house and common ground floor and basement areas.

Representative entrance

The entrance to Churchill Residence is controlled by magnetic cards and bluetooth reader. Of course there is a bell tower with a videophone and a 24-hour reception.

Secured entrances and parking


Entrance and exit to the garage is secured by shutters and barriers. Entrance and exit areas, including garages, access to elevator lobbies from the parking lot are monitored by the camera system. All entrances to the building and the parking area are secured with magnetic and bluetooth readers.