Fresh air in every breath


Recovery and cooling in the standard

In Churchill Residence, all apartments will be equipped with air recuperation, ventilation with a forced supply of fresh, filtered and heat-treated air. Every morning you will get up with a clear head and you do not have to open a window. Of course, if you want, keep the windows open, but the air recuperation will provide you with fresh filtered air, dust-free at all times. This fresh air is also heated or cooled by leaving exhaust air in the heat recovery unit, thereby reducing the cost of heating or cooling the apartment.

Part of the standard is also the cooling of each living room in all apartments of the residence. Panoramic views through the large-format French windows will provide amazing views, but also maybe unpleasant heat gains during the summer months. Against the sun, the flats on the exposed sides will be equipped with screened exterior blinds with motor control. For a comfortable climate and cooling of living rooms modern AC units will be installed. Experience every moment, and enjoy it comfortably!

Recovery and cooling in the standard

Recovery and cooling of all apartments and living quarters in Churchill is standard. You can set a pleasant climate and be sure you breathe clean air.

shading in front of the sun

Exposed sides of the Churchill are equipped with motorized roller shutters. The last floor is equipped with awnings.